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Hey guys ! what is up so t0day i am going to tell you all about Top 5 WordPress SEO optimised themes for Blogs .”Top 5 WordPress SEO optimised themes for Blogs ”

So, in todays life everybody wants a WordPress theme With SEO optimisation for their that they can easily rank high without having any problem.

Now, The Topic First Come To How a WordPress Theme is SEO optimised ? you will get the answer here only.

How a WordPress theme is SEO Optimised ?

So guys , let me explain you  a WordPress theme is fully Optimised on the bases of its code.The Owner or developer of the theme should design that theme in such a clear, clean way which do not give any problem to the Google bot or it will help to optimise your site.some developers made their theme in such a way with inbuilt SEO features which works great with your SEO will help your site to rank much more faster.

so, now lets begin the list of Top 5 WordPress SEO optimised themes.

Top 5 WordPress SEO optimised themes for blogs .

1.Genesis Framework


Genesis Framework is one the famous WordPress theme or Framework with so many good features like SEO optimised and Speed Optimised, etc.This theme has very large amount of high quality child themes like magazine and others.Many big companies, blogs and sites are using this theme as it works great.Most of the time websites with this framework have a great chance of good ranking on search engines.Top 5 WordPress SEO optimised themes for Blogs


MH_Magazine wp theme

MH-Magazine is a perfect theme for those who regularly update their site or content like evergreen blogs.If You buy this theme then there will no problem you will face with you theme and site content as this theme has 12 responsive and good demos which you should try.If you are not a pro blogger or you are a newbie then you can go with this theme this will make your site really look professional. and this theme is good SEO can try this if you are a newbie.Top 5 WordPress SEO optimised themes for Blogs  



Schema is a high class SEO and Speed Optimised theme for blogs.This theme is basically simple plain blog theme with some responsive blog look.This theme is said to be like Ultra-SEO optimised theme by webmasters and site owners.with some good SEO settings you can raise or rank your site to the first page of google.i will recommend you to try this site.Top 5 WordPress SEO optimised themes for Blogs  

4.Best WordPress theme


This theme name already tells that this theme is one of the best responsive SEO Optimised theme.with some cool features and looks.this theme allows you to simply place banner ads and other ads on your site without any problem.this theme look likes a professional can try this theme if you are finding something cool like this.Top 5 WordPress SEO optimised themes for Blogs 



socallyviral is one the best WordPress SEO optimised theme for blogs in is made in such a way by which the content of this site gets most of the social shares.which help your site to become popular in less time.SociallyViral is a fast loading lightweight theme and SEO optimised so you can try this to make your site viral in less time.

hey guys, thanks for reading this Top 5 WordPress SEO optimised themes for Blogs blogpost.hope you like it.

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