How to get approval

How We Get Approval Within 2 hours

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Hey everyone ! Today I am going to tell you all How to get approval within 2 hours.

So without wasting anymore time lets get ride into it ! Ad network

Guys we have talked about in our previous Blog – Top 20 Ad Networks For Publishers . And as Everyone knows that getting approval from is very hard.And let me tell you that i personally get too many times rejected on my previous sites from them but this time i got the approval within 2 hours.

So i will teach you that trick i this post ! well that was not any type of trick its the perfect way to get approval. Approval Proof

Guys i recently apply for and the thing happened with me was i got the approval !

So, here is now i got the approval ! Proof is below as you can see guys :-

How to get approval

How to Get Approval ?

Follow these steps and i am sure that your site will get the approval !

  1. Guys let me tell you that your site should be regularly updated and if you don’t want to write articles too much fastly then i will recommend you to recycle the old post.
  2. Your site must have Privacy Policy, Contact Us , About Us page. Most of the bloggers do mistake with this and think that they will get the approval as that is not Adsense but the they don’t know that it is one of the important factor.
  3. Your site must be fast loading. must check on Google insights , pingdom or GT matrix .
  4. Your site must have some traffic from US, Canada and UK.Don’t worry and don’t think that you need a huge amount of traffic. You just need a little amount of traffic from these countries.
  5. For Fast Approval or to increase the chances for approval write post on Technical, Health, Medical, Money Making, etc.

Guys I will give you a tip just post a blog when you apply for , it will increase the chances of approval . and i am 100% sure that if you follow these simple steps you will get it.

Guys that is a different thing that you will not see on our site as we have removed them but i will tell you that why we left in our upcoming future posts.

Thanks for reading guys , Hope you like it.


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