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Hey Guys , whats going on there ! so todays topic is 20 best Ads Network For Bloggers, best ad networks.

best ad networks : So, everyone Knows that Blog or Site monetization is too much important for the bloggers and site owners.

However, you have first to know the method or working of Blog Monetization, so you have many methods to monetize your blog.

One of the best methods is to become a publisher and have ads by some good ad networks.

As it is a big decision for bloggers and web site owners to select the best Ad Network for Publishers.


so, lets focus on the list guys:-

20 Best ADS NETWORK FOR Publishers

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense Network

best ad networks : Google Adsense is the world’s largest and best online advertising network For Advertisers as well as Publishers.The best thing about this network is that this ad network is of google company which the world’s best leading company guys, so it will be beneficial for everyone.

but in today’s life it is too much difficult to have approval from Google Adsense.However, if you want the approval than you have to follow the guidelines.

You can choose the types of Ads which will fit on your site and most of the blogs and sites are using Google Adsense in the world.

2. Media.net

Media.net Ad network

best ad networks : Media.net is one of the most popular Ad Network for Publishers. It provides a great opportunity to publishers to increase revenue from your online content. It has one of the largest pools of advertisers in the world. Media.net serves contextual ads. It also supports desktop interstitial, in-content native, and mobile docked ads. It ensures a 100% fill rate across all verticals and ad formats. Some of its publishers include Reuters, Esquire, Elle, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, etc.

3. Propeller Ads

propellers ads network

best ad networks : Propeller Ads is one of the fast growing CPM , CPC Ad Network.It has Different variety of Ad Formats like – CPC, CPM, CPA, CPL , etc. They ensures that they will pay you the Highest Revenue.They Have 100% Fill Rates. Each Account Has Its Personal Account Manager, Real Time Dashboard. They also have their own referral programme which will help you to earn more.On Time Payments. And best Thing About this Ad Network is that they have instant approval so that when you sign up for your account , you don’t need to any kind of approval, you can simply put ads on it and earn money.

4. Adsagony

Adsagony Adnetwork

best ad networks : AdsAgony is One of the Best Ad Network, I have used. Most Of the People Don’t Know about this Ad network, but guys if you are a newbie or a new blogger, then i will recommend you to go with this network as this network don’t need any kind of approval. This Network Always Pays On time. I have Personally earned $103 Within 5 Days With This network from my second site. Its a good network, and don’t think that this network is New and Scam you. No, This Will not as its nearly 5-6 year old Ad Network. They are Serving Ads Internationally , Offer all Types of Ad Format. This Ad Network have High CPC ( Guarantee not less than $0.10 ). Real Time Dash Board and etc. try this Network.

5. Revcontent

revcontent adnetwork

Revcontent is chosen as one of the most selective and premium native ad networks in the world. It has grown to be one of the biggest content recommendation platforms on the internet. It currently serves more than 150 billion content recommendations per month across the globe. Revcontent is highly selective for choosing publishers.

6. Adsterra Network

 Adsterra Ad Network

Adsterra is one of the popular Ad network which is famous for its CPC Ads but it provides CPC, CPM, CPA Ads formats. They supports Publishers as well as Advertisers to advertise as well as monetize. It Covers 190+ Geo Location and nearly serves 10 billion+ impressions. They have all kind of ads format.The best thing about their site is the UI(user interface) of their site is beautiful specially the ‘A’ logo on the home page.

7. Clicksor

clicksor adnetwork

Clicksor is a Canada-based Ad Network. It serves over 900 million ad impressions per month. It offers various ad formats including banner ads, in-text ads, interstitials, rich media, layer ads, pop-up ads, pop-under, etc. Clicksor is a bid based CPC and CPM Ads Network.They also Pays On time.No Holds, and No Payments Delay Problems.

Other Details:
Publisher Traffic Requirement: None
Minimum Payout: $50
Payment Time:- Weekly
Payment Method: e-check, bank transfer, Paypal


revenuehits adnetwork

Revenuehits is a PPC and CPM ad network.It is also one of the famous ad network.you will find this ad network in most of the lists as it is always compared to Adsense in Adsense Alternative list.
It serves more than 100 million Impressions per month and provides 100% fill rate to the publishers.they have almost all kind of ad format including:- Banner, pop under, text ads, apps, widgets and Custom ads also.


infolinks ad network

Infolinks is one of the top Ad network which allows Publishers to monetize their site to the next level.It mainly provides In-text ads.So, if you have a blog or a text based site then you can simply go with Infolinks as it will be the best for you.The ads which are shown by Infolinks do not cover spaces so that you can simply place banners from other ads network.They do not have any kind of minimum traffic requirement. they have worked with the worlds biggest companies or site like:- Amazon, Ebay, Microsoft, etc.

10. Adbuff

adbuff ad network

Adbuff is the one of the leading Ad network in this industry  as it is also count in the list of Adsense Alternative.This is one of the best ad networks. 60% of publishers apply for adbuff after the Adsense.because it is a real time bidding(RTB) platform. their ads are optimised and help you to earn higher. they have a good support team. on time payments. The main thing is Publishers do not have any problem to run Adbuff ads with Adsense ads.

11. Clickadu

Clickadu adnetwork

Clickadu is a Premium ad network which is free of cost for publishers.it is one of the leading ad network in the industry of pop-under ads. it allows all Geo sites to apply on their network. they serves more 100 billion impression per month which is a very big deal.They serves more than 250+ million pop-under ads. They have almost  all kinds of payment methods.

12. Bidvertisers

bidvertiser adnetwork

Bidvertiser ad network is one the oldest and trustful ad network.it always pays to their publisher.It is a PPC Ad network with all kind of ad format including banners, leaderboard, etc.
If you are a newbie in the industry of websites then, you can go with bidvertiser.

13. Adcash

adcash ad network

Adcash is the leading Ad network in this Industry.it serves high quality ads on their publishers site.They support PPC, CPC and CPA ads.And Have all kind of ads format including Banner, Widgets, etc.There is no minimum traffic requirement for New publishers.According to Adcash just simply signup ,  Place Codes, And Earn Money. so guys it means that it will be good for new publishers.


shareasale adnetwork

ShareASale is an Affiliate Advertising Network Used by world’s biggest blogs and sites. this is a legit site which pays on time. for an example you can check shoutmeloud.com , it is one of the worlds biggest blog and uses ShareASale and had a good earning with this network.if your site or blog had a good amount of traffic or if you want to do affiliate marketing then you can go with ShareAsale.

15. Chitika

chitika adnetwork

Chitika is one of the largest Ad Network with more than 500,000 publishers all over the world.this network serve ads on the bases of CPC Model. It is very easy to get approval for new publishers on this network.With Chitika, you can make high amount money if you have a good amount of traffic. This Network has really low payment threshold. Chitika is still a growing ad network in this industry.


BuySellAds adnetwork

BuySellAds is one of the oldest and trustful ad network and it is trusted by more than 1Million Publishers Worldwide.It allows publishers to set price for the Ad space on their website or blog.
Advertisers can directly access the publishers on BuySellAds. The Ads are usually served on CPM Model. It functions as a marketplace for publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ads. However, its approval process is quite hard. The minimum traffic requirement is 15k visitors per month. The minimum payout is $20, and payment method is Paypal.

17. WWWPromoter

wwwpromoter adnetwork

WWWPromoter is a self-served platform for publishers as well as advertisers. This Network Offers High Fill Rates, Real Time Dashboard, High CPM Rates, advanced targeting, etc.
The best thing about this network is they allows publishers to request payments , so that publishers can simply request for Daily Payments.Their Minimum Threshold is also low which is $10.This network will be useful if your site has almost 10-15 blog posts.

18. Maxbounty

maxbounty ad network

Maxbounty is a leading affiliate marketing ad network network for publishers.It connects Publishers to high paying advertisers on the bases of CPA.this is one of the biggest affiliate network on which you can trust and earn more.But right now they are also serving CPA, CPL, PPC ads on publishers site.

19. PopAds

Popads ad network

PopAds is basically a Pop-under ad network which is very fast.Publishers can monetize their website traffic with high-quality pop-under ads. It offers high rates to publishers which depend on website traffic and website content.the best thing is this network is also allowing publishers to request their payments, which means daily payments.It also offers perfect support as well.

20. Epom

epom market adnetwork

Epom Market is an international advertising network which connects top Publishers with premium Advertisers in over 180 countries and across all verticals. Epom Market is a cross-platform advertising network, working with a wide range of display, mobile web, mobile app, and video ad formats in one unified, 100% transparent ad exchange. Marketplace clients can sell their ad inventory at the best rates, use precise targeting features, and benefit from automatic eCPM campaign and placement optimization. Their minimum payout for publishers is $100.

Hey, guys !! so, this was the best ad networks list , thanks for reading this blogpost , i hope you all will like it.

I will see you in my next post.


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